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The Rachel-Dress-Doloris Petunia

The Rachel

The Allyson Tutu-Tutu-Doloris Petunia

The Allyson Tutu

The Annabelle-Dress-Doloris Petunia

The Annabelle

The Pearl-Dress-Doloris Petunia

The Pearl

The Barbara-Dress-Doloris Petunia

The Barbara

The Clementine-Dress-Doloris Petunia

The Clementine

The Coco-Two Piece-Doloris Petunia

The Coco

The Baby Annabelle-Baby Dress-Doloris Petunia

The Baby Annabelle

The Emma-Dress-Doloris Petunia

The Emma

The Imogen-Dress-Doloris Petunia

The Imogen

The Isabelle-Dress-Doloris Petunia

The Isabelle

The Katy-Dress-Doloris Petunia

The Katy